Aroma oils

aromaoeleThe finest exquisite oil blends provide incomparable care experiences in our high-quality produced aroma oils and are ideal for pre-treatment for our gently scented aroma wraps or also in careful coordination with our special wraps.
Our aroma oils in detail:
• Aroma Oil Cellulite
• Aroma Oil Cellulite extra
• Aroma Oil Mountain Herbs
• Aroma Oil Striae
• Aroma Oil Wildflower
• Cinnamon

Possible combinations:
• Aroma wrap
• Spider vein wrap
• Collagen wrap
• After-treatment gels

Aroma oils for the pre-treatment of the wrapping method

Aroma Oil Cellulite


Thanks to the nutrient-rich lemon and orange oil contained, our Cellulite aroma oil has a circulation-promoting and astringent effect on the skin. This effect makes the skin look fresher and activates body and mind. The wonderfully fresh citrus aroma brings back memories of summers past. This makes our Cellulite aroma oil an absolute mood, metabolism and energy booster.

Aroma Oil Cellulite extra


The aroma oil Cellulite extra also convinces with this unique combination of essential oils. However, in order to increase the treatment effect for experienced clients, we use a higher concentration of ingredients. This leads to an even stronger blood circulation in the treated body parts. We recommend the oil for all those clients who want to intensify their treatment and at the same time do not want to do without the incomparably fresh and invigorating fragrance experience.

Aroma Oil Mountain Herbs


The fresh, tangy, herbaceous scent of our mountain herb aroma oil is reminiscent of Nordic coniferous forests and has an intensely invigorating and soothing effect. Thanks to its metabolism-boosting effect, the oil is used for particularly stubborn cellulite and existing obesity. Tightening, stimulating, vitalising and an overwhelming aroma experience.

Aroma oil Striae


Our aroma oil Striae is used as a scar care oil on injured skin tissue. The nurturing and regenerating properties of the oil are due to the combination of valuable and particularly active ingredient oils. With regular use, the natural elasticity and suppleness of the skin is restored. The bouquet of fragrances of this aromatic oil is composed of juicy, fruity peach and apricot notes that envelop the senses and pamper the body.

Aroma Oil Wild Flower


For weak connective tissue, we recommend our aromatic oil wildflower. It strengthens the cell structure with its circulation-promoting properties and has a gentle nourishing effect. The connective tissue appears lastingly strengthened and tightened. The rich floral scents have an activating and invigorating effect and seduce with a hint of sweetness.

Cinnamon oil


Warming, stimulating, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, circulation-enhancing and calming. Some of the countless positive and long-proven properties of our cinnamon oil. When used, a wonderfully spicy-sweet aroma fills the room and gives a feeling of security. A caress to the soul and body.



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