Body wraping

aromawickelIn order for our wraps to unfold their full effect potential, it requires, in addition to the right wrapping method, a suitable pre- and post-treatment. For this reason, we have developed a corresponding aromatic oil, gel or cream for each wrap, which optimally prepares the body for the treatment. The products can have a detoxifying effect, promote circulation or have a cooling effect, depending on which herbal and active ingredient mixtures are used. Due to the heating pre-treatment products, the surface of the skin sometimes heats up very strongly, which allows the subsequent wrapping treatment to unfold its effect even better and deliver the best results. The products act as a kind of "turbo boost", so to speak.

Aroma Wrap Concentrate

Aroma wrap medium


Our Aroma Wraps Medium and Extra are characterised by a milder heat development and are therefore ideal for newcomers. The right choice for light cellulite and for all those who want to do something good for themselves and their body but want to start the treatment easily. The refreshing and invigorating bouquet provides new momentum and energy.

Aroma wrap extra


Our Aroma Wrap Extra improves blood circulation and fat burning. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect thanks to cinnamon, rose petals, eucalyptus and peppermint. The cooling and then warming effect is immediately noticeable. Blockages are removed, hyperacidity neutralised and the lymphs stimulated. The present fresh scent awakens tired spirits and invigorates. You feel looser, lighter and peppier. The aroma wrap can be used very well as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Spider veins leg wrap


Our spider vein wrap impresses with its circulation-promoting and regenerating effect. Herbs such as calendula, yarrow and birch leaf stimulate the skin's metabolic processes. Irritated skin is gently cared for and refreshed. A moisture booster for the skin with a fruity scent reminiscent of apricots and peaches. The wrap has a mild and non-heating effect. It is therefore excellent for spider veins. It provides an all-round feeling of well-being.

Ice Wrap Extra Cool


The ice wrap Extracool provides the extra portion of power. We recommend it especially for all those who want to stimulate the cell metabolism in the long term and can't get enough of the stimulating aroma of our ice wrap.

Algae wrap


With the algae wrap we focus on a stronger warming effect, which has a positive effect on the purifying effect of the wrap treatment. Toxins are removed and the skin is increasingly protected from free radicals. The algae scores with its high content of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins. This makes it the star among the anti-ageing and detox agents. It also stimulates the lymphatic flow, which results in firmer and tighter skin. In addition, we have added a fine fruity fragrance to the herbal mixture which inspires the senses.

Stone oil wrap


The Viennese cosmetic classic with the ingredient "Tyrolean Stone Oil". Due to the high content of naturally bound sulphur, the stone oil is considered to have a particularly strong deacidifying and detoxifying effect. The metabolic processes in the body are stimulated and the regeneration of the skin is promoted. Other herbs contained in the wrap, such as eucalyptus and peppermint, have a strong cooling and anti-inflammatory effect. The fresh herbaceous bouquet has an invigorating and relaxing effect. The stone oil poultice enjoys great popularity among people with rheumatic complaints.

Firming wrap


The firming wrap is just the right thing to strengthen flabby tissue and to promote the skin's resilience and elasticity. The most important role here is played by the ingredient "collagen", which ensures that the skin's moisture stores are replenished and the body's own collagen production is stimulated again. The wrap tightens intensively and provides the skin with an extra portion of valuable nutrients. The hyaluron contained in the wrap gives tired skin new energy, and the charmingly sweet aroma pampers the senses.

Caviar wrap


An extra portion of luxury for the skin. With ingredients such as rose blossom and sweet orange peel, the caviar wrap has a regenerating effect and provides the skin with valuable nutrients. Caviar is known to slow down the ageing process of the skin and support cell renewal. The skin appears smoothed and intensively cared for. The caviar wrap is ideal for mature and demanding skin. The fresh citrus notes invigorate the senses and relax the body and soul.

Cinnamon wrap


The herbal mixture of our cinnamon wrap convinces with its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. It has a relaxing and regenerating effect. Cinnamon boosts the metabolism and rosemary gives the skin a fresh and firm appearance. The gentle warmth during the treatment and the unmistakable, pleasantly warm cinnamon aroma envelop the entire body in relaxation and well-being. An incomparable, spicy-sweet wrapping experience - especially in the cold season.

Oil-base wrap


Detoxify, purify and sustainably tone the body. This can be achieved with our oil-base wrap. Among other things, we rely on the power of nettle and calendula, which promote circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The soothing and regenerating effects of yarrow and aloe vera leave the skin velvety soft and smooth. Meanwhile, ginseng and algae have a convincing antioxidant effect and are known to be anti-aging miracles. The oil-base wrap is rounded off by the addition of the detoxifying humic acid. A detox power package that is second to none. The wrap treatment becomes a unique experience due to the gentle heat development and the effusive, flowery aroma.

Collagen Wrap Concentrate

Collagen wrap (light-active-gel-light-heating gel, passive-active-gel-light-cooling gel, fat-breaker-gel-heating gel)

# 111/ #112 / #120 / #068

Our collagen wraps also promote circulation and have a regenerating effect thanks to ingredients such as collagen, calendula, nettle and caffeine. The collagen contained also intensively moisturises the skin and provides new elasticity and resilience. A true fountain of youth, so to speak. The perceptible heat development during the treatment and the discreet flowery fragrance lead to a subsequent feeling of youthful lightness.

Fatburn & Slim Concentrate

Fatburn & Slim Wrap "extra" & "medium

#331 / #332

In addition to anti-inflammatory and circulation-promoting herbs, our Fatburn & Slim wrap also contains B3 (niacin), which promotes the renewal of skin cells and supports the body's own production of important skin lipids. The top layer of skin is strengthened, appears firmer and gains youthful resilience. Especially in combination with the caffeine it contains, the wrap acts as a "booster" for the metabolism and is even said to activate the muscle cells. The refreshing cooling effect soothes the skin and the aromatic bouquet relaxes the nerves. The "medium" version of the wrap provides a gentler heat and is therefore suitable for more sensitive skin. Our tip for newcomers!

Fatburn & Slim Pre & Post Treatment Gels

#333 / #334

Our Fatburn & Slim pre-treatment and post-treatment gels in the soft and hot versions prepare the body perfectly for the upcoming treatment by adding the blood circulation-promoting nettle and the stimulating and firming ginseng. While the "hot" gel has a heating effect and also boosts the metabolism, the "soft" gel has a gentler effect and is all the more suitable for newcomers. The invigoratingly fresh aroma blend of mint and menthol awakens even the most tired spirits. . Herbs such as calendula and birch leaf sustainably promote the skin's metabolic processes and fight inflammation. The skin glows with youthful freshness. Dry and mature skin in particular is gradually plumped up.



The aromatic oil specially developed for our Fatburn & Slim range. Even in the pre-treatment, the metabolism can be boosted thanks to ingredients that promote circulation. The body is pleasantly warmed up during application and a fresh peppermint aroma fills the room. The invigorating fragrance composition activates, refreshes and relaxes the nerves. An unparalleled super booster that makes both body and mind radiate. We offer our thermal oil in 2 different strengths to meet the individual needs of each customer. We recommend the "extra" version exclusively for experienced customers. The "soft" version, on the other hand, is suitable for newcomers or customers with sensitive skin.


zubehueor#091 Elastic bandage 20 cm wide
#092 Elastic bandage 15 cm wide
#093 Elastic bandage 10 cm wide
#810 Fleece panties (thong), pack of 100 pieces
#125 Foils 2 m x 1,30 m , 20 pieces
#549 Plastic tub
#765 Measuring jug 250 ml
#123 Pl. trousers carton 50 pieces
#081 Foil trousers
#048 Body Wrapping Film 25 cm x 100 m
#106 Foil knife (cutter)
#209 Sleeve set
#339 Compression pants 90 cm short
#358 Compression pants 120 cm long


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