Creams and gels for after-treatment of the wrapping method

cremen und gelsOur Celu series consists of different cooling gels, which can be used for pre-treatment to keep sensitive skin areas cool and gentle, or for post-treatment to provide an extra portion of moisture, to soothe the skin and to tighten the connective tissue in the long term. Depending on the skin type or the customer's wishes, you can choose from our wide range of products and combine them in different ways. All our Celu products convince with their invigorating, minty fragrance bouquet.
Possible combinations:
• Body Wrapping Seris
• Firming Wrap
• Stone Oil Wrap
• Post-Treatment Gel

Cremen und Gels kühlend

ICE-Gel / ICE Gel extra cool

#411 / #412

Our Ice Gels have an extra strong cooling, decongesting and vitalising effect. They care for, soothe and relax stressed and tired skin. They are particularly suitable for people with a tendency to varicose veins and spider veins. The ICE gel extra cool has the strongest cooling effect of all our products and is therefore particularly suitable for experienced customers. The gels are suitable for protective and regulating pre-treatment, as well as for caring and soothing after-treatment. They exude an herbaceous, fresh peppermint scent that relaxes and soothes.

Celu Gel Ven Ross


By adding valuable horse chestnut extract, we were able to develop the ideal care, which has proven to be effective especially for light varicose veins, spider veins and bruises. As a pre-treatment, our Celu Ven Ross can be applied to these sensitive areas to prevent excessive blood circulation. It has a strong cooling, decongestant and slightly decongestant effect, and is often used to treat tired and heavy legs. In the after-treatment, it also has a moisturising effect.

Celu Gel exklusive


This gel is suitable for all skin types and is found to be particularly beneficial by sensitive skin. Due to the addition of collagen and elastin, the well known product has a tightening and firming effect on the skin. The present aroma of the gel leads to a refreshingly cool perception.

Aftercare gel for tightening


The enzymes contained in the gel are important for the metabolism. The blood circulation is stimulated and has a positive effect on tightening and smoothing the skin.

Spider vein gel


This special gel fights spider veins and varicose veins. The Canadian sorrel contained in the spider vein gel supports the protective layer of the skin and has a tissue-strengthening and astringent effect. In addition, the high-quality extract has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect and keeps the skin youthfully firm thanks to its high vitamin C content. The gel is wonderfully suitable for sensitive skin, as there is no heat development and many soothing and skin-regulating herbs are contained, such as yarrow and calendula. A fresh fragrance ensures a vitalising treatment experience.

Lymphatic gel


The lymphatic gel is characterised by its astringent herbal combination. The nettle contained in the gel has a balancing, circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect. The ginseng contained has a stimulating and regenerating effect. The gentle stimulation of the lymph flow creates a feeling of lightness and youthful freshness. It is wonderfully suitable for new customers and/or all those with a sensitive skin type, as no heat development takes place.

Algae purification mask


Detox miracle algae - Our algae detox mask harnesses precisely this power. A detoxifying and purifying body pack that sustainably boosts the cell metabolism and, thanks to chlorophyll, has a wonderfully stimulating and draining effect on the blood circulation. Thanks to the moisturising effect of the algae and the nourishing properties of our added oils, the skin shines fresh and velvety smooth in youthful freshness. During application, the fresh, pleasantly sweet aroma of the mask fills the room and gives lightness. This mask does not generate any heat! Want even more care power? We recommend combining it with our algae or algae/aloe vera wrap treatment!

Cinnamon gel soft


The gel invigorates the body with the fragrant ingredient cinnamon. Cinnamon is generally considered to be antibacterial, antioxidant, circulation-enhancing and warming. While our cinnamon gel soft is not heating and is particularly gentle on the skin, and is therefore suitable for all newcomers and customers with particularly sensitive skin. The gel convinces in the pre-treatment as well as in the post-treatment with its wonderfully spicy cinnamon aroma, which gently wraps the customers in warmth.

Creams and gels purifying, heating

Celu Cream Extra


In order to combat stubborn cellulite even more stubbornly, we have developed a cream for pre-treatment that boosts blood circulation and skin metabolism particularly strongly. Our Celu Creme Extra owes this effect, among other things, to the cinnamon it contains, which is also wonderfully warming and relaxing, as well as the rosemary it contains, which has stimulating and antioxidant properties. We have combined this power mixture with selected oils and valuable care substances in order to be able to guarantee well-groomed, soft skin at the end of the treatment. The fragrance profile of the cream convinces with a round and pleasantly fresh aroma. A blessing through and through.

Attention! The product has a strong heating effect and is recommended by us only for very pronounced cellulite!

Celu Gel Cool Hot


The marathon runner from Wiener Kosmetikum. A tried and tested classic that is appreciated and loved by many customers. The special feature of our Celu Gel Cool hot is the first cooling and then strongly heating treatment effect. The cold stimulates the blood circulation, increases the oxygen content in the cells and stimulates cell division and the production of collagen fibres. The subsequent heat effect is caused, among other things, by the chilli extracts contained in the treatment, which also stimulate the circulation. In this way, blood circulation is particularly well stimulated, the skin is intensively tightened and the connective tissue is sustainably strengthened. A superlative rejuvenating treatment

Algae firming gel


The algae firming gel convinces with its high moisture retention power thanks to the alginic acid it contains. This also provides a spectacular anti-aging effect and has a detoxifying, purifying effect and promotes cell regeneration. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it serves as a super food for the skin and leads to a stunning skin feeling. Strongly heating in application, this thermal gel is wonderfully suitable for pre-treatment of the skin. In addition, the gel contains nourishing and lifting ingredients such as calendula, hyaluron and collagen.

Firming gels medium/extra

#425 / #426

Our firming gels medium and extra are well-known "firming experts" and prepare the skin perfectly for a subsequent intensive firming treatment with the astringent and circulation-promoting ingredients they contain. The anti-ageing effect can thus be further enhanced and the entire treatment positively promoted.

Cinnamon gel thermo supra


The gel invigorates the body with the fragrant ingredient cinnamon. Cinnamon is generally considered to be antibacterial, antioxidant, circulation-enhancing and warming. Our cinnamon gel thermo supra boosts the cell metabolism with an extra portion of power. Due to the strong heat development, the blood circulation is stimulated particularly powerfully with this variant. The gel convinces in the pre- and post-treatment with its spicy cinnamon aroma, which gently envelops the customer in warmth.
Through the pre-treatment with our cinnamon oil, the blood circulation of the skin is already gently stimulated before the wrap treatment and the body is ideally prepared. The cinnamon contained in the oil has a warming, decongestant and antibacterial effect and immediately envelops the body in a familiar, aromatic feeling of well-being.

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