Mare's Milk Series

stutenmilch serieMare's milk has always been known as a beauty remedy and has been used in the Asian region for centuries due to its antibacterial, nurturing and soothing effect. It is rich in valuable vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition, mare's milk contains numerous unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and enzymes that naturally care for the skin and have a rejuvenating effect. Combined with other natural ingredients, the products in our Mare's Milk range become the perfect choice for the care of normal, blemished and stressed skin of all ages. We use only the best organic mare's milk powder from Styria for our mare's milk series.

Mare's milk simply explained:
Milk is the most complex natural food with an immense number of nutrients & active ingredients. Why mare's milk? Mare's milk differs from the milk of other farm animals in that it is particularly well tolerated and has a unique effect on the human metabolism. This is not least due to its pH value, which is very similar to that of human skin. It contains a wealth of valuable ingredients that work particularly easily & effectively and also has skin-protecting properties. Even Cleopatra was convinced of the incredible effect of this natural product.
Our mare's milk care cosmetics are produced using pure organic mare's milk and harmoniously combined with selected herbal extracts and valuable vegetable oils. All products have a pleasantly soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. At the same time, the skin is richly nourished and made more resistant to environmental influences. We especially recommend this care series to people with sensitive, irritated and particularly dry skin.
We also recommend combining it with one of our hyaluronic serums. For an incomparably fresh and radiant complexion.

Mare's Milk Eye Gel


Care balm for hypersensitive skin around the eyes. Has a particularly soothing effect on wrinkled skin zones. Mare's Milk Eye Gel is quickly absorbed, cools and soothes stressed skin. Wrinkles, redness and dark circles under the eyes are reduced.

Mare's Milk Day Cream


This cream has a special active ingredient formula for delicate and sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and redness. It contains specially selected and natural extracts that improve and strengthen the protective layer of the skin. The skin becomes soft and elastic again and looks visibly rejuvenated and refreshed.

Mare's Milk Day Cream


This cream is rich in valuable plant oils, such as wheat germ oil and evening primrose oil, which restore the skin's elasticity and reduce irritation. It protects against premature skin ageing, stress and aggressive growth substances. Particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Overnight your skin is soothed and smoothed, supplied with vitamins and in the morning the skin looks young, refreshed, without visible redness.

Mare's Milk Cleansing Milk


Cleansing for the face with sweet almond oil and mallow extract. The skin feels clean and velvety soft. For dry and sensitive skin.
Application: The mare's milk cleansing milk is used to remove make-up.

Mare's Milk Tonic


This gentle and refreshing tonic tones and revitalises the skin, restoring its vibrant appearance. Apply in the morning and evening after cleansing the face.

Mare's Milk Wash Lotion


Mare's Milk Cleansing Lotion gently cleanses the skin of the face and décolleté, which is stressed and damaged by the environment.


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